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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thanks to Real Christians; not hateful persons


I wanted to thank those who have taken the time and help me with business, friendship, family, and whatever else.

I would like to thank Tommy Butler for both his honest friendship and help and advice with my website, aquarium information articles and more.
Website References:

I would like to thank Misti King for simply being a friend when I need one.

I would like to thank Lori at Everything Aquatic for her moral support and more.
Everything Aquatic Link:

I would like to thank Joe Speegle, Bob Kraus, Roger Stewart, the Holy Rovers and others from Bethany Presbyterian for their moral support.

I would like to thank my sister Jan for help and support with the kids, herbal medications, and simply showing that not all Evangelicals are judgmental persons that only no the Bible in knowledge but not in the commandment “To love the Lord your God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself” (I just wish her husband could get past his obsession with image and realize how much looking the other way hurts persons such as myself).

My wish is that the others with beliefs similar to my sister, show the fruit of their belief and realize that looking the other way when rumors go by is the same as participating when the truth can be shown (not to mention realizing that even in failure and mistakes such as mine, help is needed and welcome by those who truly love the Lord).
This community is extremely judgmental towards me and my family without trying to find the real truths. Believing rumors spread by hateful persons such as Josh Oliveri, Daniel Diaz, Andy Rios and others are easy, the truth is hard

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