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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

People and God

I am very confused by what I see around me from people and God

Many will tell me to not look to others to see God, yet the Bible says that we are to “love the Lord God with all our heart mind and soul and our neighbors as ourselves”. The Bible also says that we will know them (Christians) by their fruit as a good tree cannot produce bad fruit. The Bible also states (in James) that faith without works is dead.
My point is based on the comments and treatment I have been given, this is kind of scary. I am looked at as a charity case by Evangelicals (such as Carys of Oregon) where I was given a job out of pity while ignoring my real talents.

People are always trying to force me into a box.
In the business world recognizing others and your own weaknesses and strengths bring forth good management.
For instance when I produced two commercials for my pet store several years ago I knew this is not where my talents lay.
What I did know is what people like to see, the first commercial was a success even though it was strange and wacky. The second only garnered 1/3 the results even though it made better points.

What was the difference? I listened to others who stated that I did not know what I was talking about in regards to the first commercial.

Another example is flying; I did very well here, yet I also had to know how the plane worked in passing my multi-engine test. Did this make me a mechanic? No, far from it, I do not even have the aptitude.

Yet this continues, very few give me any respect that I might have any aptitude in business (even though I was an A student and did well in my business for years until moving to Oregon where I am REALLY despised in the backward business community).
I also get little respect from my new community and worse my nieces and extended family as to my knowledge of business and aquarium information and husbandry, despite the fact many in the aquarium industry think very well of me.
Here is a link to my Aquarium Information Web Page:

I keep getting suggestions of what I should be doing professionally meanwhile friends (mostly Christian) make sorry excuses about my business and me personally.
These judgments are based more on observations, not facts such as the reason I never was highly successful was that I gave much away, put others first, and was taken to the cleaners by my wife and her ‘friend’ during her mental breakdown. I thought that there was nothing wrong with not desiring to be rich; I never have just ask my business management college professor.

Bringing this back to the beginning, the premonitions I have been getting lately are at a fever pitch as to my failures and that I am failing my family, friends, and children and by fall of 2007 everything will be gone.
This is almost exactly what others say (such as maybe I should get a real job!), what is boils down to is it is getting very hard to fight anymore, but fighting is what keeps total depression away and allows me to keep trying in the midst of predicted failures on so many levels.
Either these persons are not likely Christians that I need to resist, or I am wrong and I am a total failure and should give up (which is what the premonitions and nightmares say, and have been nearly 100% correct lately

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