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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thanks to Everything Aquatic

Everything Aquatic aquarium forum
Thanks to my many good friends at Everything Aquatic!

It is nice to know that there are people in the world that will stand up for what is right, and even when I am easily frustrated by all the events of life.
From an upside down mortgage, to the $30,000 in money owed still left to pay from the influence of the evil Judas that became involved with my family in LA, to my daughters depression and our treatment by so-called “friends” in this community such as Calvary Crossroads Church of Grants Pass)
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Calvary Crossroads Church of Grants Pass

After feeling I need to leave Everything Aquatic for a while to relieve pressure on my life, I found out quite quickly starting with John L. how much others care in this group (& I was rude to him to boot on the phone!). Brenda also joined him with several emails and others from Jon to Bill, just to name a few really were great.

I only wish as I go into a season that is filled with extremely painful nightmares that my daughter also suffers from that others that have spread lies and rumors about me or have made me feel like one inch tall such as Carys of Oregon, the Owens and so MANY others in Grants Pass and down at Bethany Baptist Church (West Covina) could do the same.
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Again, the sad part is that in my daughters case, most of the people that make her feel worthless in life are Christians, yet she as I do remains strong in faith of God, which is often hard when the Bible says you will know my people by their fruits!!!!

Maybe Rachel and Josh Oliveri, the Investors at Carys of Oregon, the Owens, Greg Walden, the many that attend Calvary Crossroads, Parkside Church, and Bethany Baptist Church should go to the Everything Aquatic Forum and read some there, as they certainly do not seem to read their Bibles.

I will state to any readers of "My Thoughts" (as most of my posts are of a negative nature as that is how I have been left feeling by so many starting in the 4th grade) that despite my abandonment and harsh and rumor based treatment by most Evangelical Christians my faith in God and the Lord Jesus is still in tact (I admit doubts at time). I only wish that so many Evangelical Christian could just even remotely practice what the Bible teaches such as the parable of the Good Samaritan.

For me the evidence for creation is what first allowed me to see past the way so many others treated me and as someone who has always been fascinated science with an aptitude as well in science that the Earth and Universe "screams" that there must be a Creator and my looking at the scientific and mathematical evidence has brought me back to the Lord when doubts have over come do to the horrible ways many Evangelical Christians have treated me and my family (as well as some of my friends such as John).

The Bible is clear to this as well:
Romans 1:20 states: "For the invisible things of him from the creation are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead: so that they are without excuse."

I will also add that many persons of the Mormon faith of Christianity that are often maligned by Evangelical Christians as a cult (I will agree that scripturally the Church of Jesus Christ Later Day Saints has many problems, HOWEVER this is also the Church that I have seen act in true Christian Love.

Personally I would be more drawn to a Christian that acts as Jesus would than one who talks and tells others what is wrong with myself. You would not see an Evangelical go to the Mission Field (the jungles of Ecuador, etc.) and show judgment and hate toward these indigenous people, yet they show contempt, hate, & judgment to persons in the Mission field in their own backyard???

Another point is that the Judas that destroyed my family hates Mormons with a passion and this is more proof to me that although this Church has doctrinal issues, if someone of his character hates this Church they must be doing something right!

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